Acer palmatum 'Higasayama'

Higasayama Japanese Maple

One of the most unusual variegated cultivars, the foliage changes colors througout the season. The new flush of growth emerges crimson red with white tips. Spring leaves are green with white and pink edges. The small size of the leaves adds to their charm. Fall color is mostly bright yellow with orange tones. Habit is very upright, almost columnar and quite twiggy due to the miniature leaves. Great selection for pot culture or bonsai.

Plants tend to lose their variegation and turn solid green in the summer when grown under heavy fertilizer and water regimes. This is only temporary, and does not need to be pruned out. They will regrow the typical variegated foliage the next spring.

Zone: 5 - 8
Exposure: Sun Partial Shade
Shape: Columnar
Height x Width: 15' x 6' 
Unit Availability: 
Attributes: Fall Color
Foliage & Bloom Colors
Foliage Color: Variegated
Fall Color: Red/Pink

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