Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula'

Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

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A beautiful weeping conifer with powder blue needles. This popular selection has a place in any landscape. The weeping habit lends itself to training along fences, used as a groundcover, or trained as a dramatic specimen for the center of a landscape. Stake when young to the height you prefer and then allow it to weep to the ground. It gives the effect of a waterfall of blue. Evergreen foliage looks great all year. Full sun to part shade.

We grow 2 different shapes of this great tree. Serpentine: We grow the main trunk in an "S" shape to the height we desire and then allow the branches to cascade down. Straight Trunk: sometimes refered to as the "Shepherd's Hook" form, we grow the leader straight up and then let it curve gracefully right back down to the ground. We also grow more unusual shapes; ask us about them or come see for yourself.

Zone: 6 - 9
Exposure: Sun
Shape: Weeping
Height x Width: 10' x 30' 
Unit Availability: B&B Container
Foliage & Bloom Colors
Foliage Color: Blue

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Plant Photo

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