Acer palmatum 'Ukigumo'

Floating Clouds Maple

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Floating Clouds is one of the most unusual of all the variegated forms of Japanese Maples. New growth emerges almost pure white. This slowly turns to light green leaves brushed with whites and pinks, as if a watercolor artist had painted every leaf. No two leaves are the same in shape or color which adds to the display. This tree is slow growing and susceptible to sunburn so must be sighted in partial shade. Fall colors are pinks and reds. Great in containers.

This cultivar will "revert" or send out non-variegated shoots. They can be pruned out or left until the following season when they will regrow the variegated foliage.

Zone: 5 - 8
Exposure: Sun Partial Shade
Shape: Broad Upright
Height x Width: 12' x 8' 
Unit Availability: 
Attributes: Fall Color
Foliage & Bloom Colors
Foliage Color: Variegated
Fall Color: Red/Pink

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Plant Photo

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