Availability List

Fairdale Nursery and Countryside Nursery grow a wide selection of quality nursery stock, from grafted conifers and Japanese maples to rhododendrons and other woody plants. We can supply your plant needs, from one-gallon containers to larger B&B and pot-in-pot sizes. As wholesale nurseries, we sell to the licensed trade; our suggested minimum order is $2,000.

It's easy to check on current availability for both nurseries. Just click on the link below to automatically download our availability list. This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet document, which can be opened and viewed in Excel or other similar applications.

Current Availability List »

We also can fax or e-mail this list to you in Excel — or another format — at your request.

Although we make every effort to keep this online availability list up-to-date, please note that it is subject to change, based on new sales and inventory levels.

If you have additional questions about our current availability or the entire product line, our sales staff can assist you. Please contact us from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Coast time at (503) 678-0511.

About the Availability List

This Excel spreadsheet is a single document that lists current plant availability, sizes and prices for Fairdale and Countryside nurseries. The document is comprised of "workbooks" or sheets or screens within Excel. It's easy to move from one to the other: simply click on the tabs at the bottom of the document.